Learning from Great Lit is a site dedicated to helping writers hone their story craft through the lessons of modern literature (and tv/film).

The advice found on this blog will likely be familiar to most writers looking to improve their skills. So how does this site differ from other writing blogs? All that tried-and-true writing advice is demonstrated in action. Excerpts are taken from stories that exemplify each “lesson,” and are then broken down to show step by step how they were used to such great effect.

I hope the lessons I’ve learned from the pages of modern lit help you as much as they have me. Good luck on your writer’s journey!

About me

My name is Michelle M Brown and I’m a YA SFF writer from Cincinnati, Ohio. I love Boston Terriers, Disney World, and my husband, Jake (not in that order). I hate the St. Louis Cards, unsatisfactory story endings, and cheese. Follow me on twitter @Cincy_Michelle.